Your first yeast water bake

In this course I am going to show you how to make yeast water and bake with it.

Intended Audience: Home bakers that would like to try the “Yeast Water” technique as an alternative method of natural leavening.

How to start yeast water Day 1
Day 2 - Checking progress after 24h
Day 3 - Checking progress after 48h
Day 4 - Checking progress after 72h
Day 5 - Yeast water is ready:) Let’s make starter
8h later we are giving our starter a second feed
Adding apple starter
Adding salt
Slap and fold
Stretch and fold
Last stretch and fold and cold retardation
Dividing and shaping our loaves
Baking in a dutch oven
Our loaf is ready!
Slicing our loaf:)
Apple yeast water formula
Apple yeast water starter
Apple yeast water country loaves ( makes 3 loaves)
How to care for your yeast water

What's included

  • 17 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Piotr Lesnianski