Decorative Bread Scoring Techniques

In this course you will learn to turn your loaves into real works of art using a razor blade and a spool of sewing thread.

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This course will introduce you to my own thread-and-blade method and will teach you to score 3 different patterns, plus a bonus showcase. You will learn what the 4/8 section is and how to use it to create your own patterns.
Intended Audience: bakers, amateur bakers, sourdough bakers

Course Curriculum

Who is your instructor?
What dough do you need?
Essential tools
Using the thread
4/8 section video
Initiation into scoring
Scoring 4/8 layer 1
Scoring 4/8 layer 2
Stepping back
Scoring 4/8 layer 3
Summary and printable
Another perspective
4/8 Chrysanthemum. Round 1
A small tip before we move on
4/8 Chrysanthemum. Round 2 and 3
Summary and printable
How to bend the rules
Simple pattern video
A little more on versatility
Complex scoring
Complex scoring showcase
On your own

Anna Gabur