Baking Sourdough at Home

Hands on course showing you the basics in Sourdough bread making. from building your starter, shaping and baking

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In this course we will go back to basics, Learn how to make a sourdough using only water, flour and salt. 

We will make the leaven
Mix the dough by hand
Do a series of stretch and folds
Shape the dough 
Score and Bake the dough
Intended Audience: students, baker, bakers

Course Curriculum

Converting liquid starter to stiff starter
Lets build the leaven
Weigh out the ingredients
Stretch and Fold
Second stretch and fold
Shape the loaf
Bench Rest
Score and Bake
The Reveal
Cut the Loaf
converting liquid starter .mp4

Nelson Mansfield


Im a fully Qualified Chef, but my real passion is in baking bread! I teach in my local town of Stratford Upon Avon and sell my bread to local people in my area. 

I trained in London at the prestigious "Claridges" a 5 Star Hotel then I moved on to local restaurants with the ethos local produce and seasonal ingredients, most of them made there bread and I learned very quickly how easy making fresh bread was with the right techniques.

I love to see people progress in there bread journey! 

The Bread community is so kind and a strong bond which can't be broken!