Bake the Best Bagels

Take your bread baking skills to a new level with a variety of delicious sourdough and yeast bagels.

This course, "Bake the Best Bagels" will cover several different types of bagels including:

  • Sourdough Sesame Water Bagels
  • Sourdough Honey Egg Bagels
  • Hybrid Onion Poppy Seed Bagels (bagels made with sourdough and commercial yeast)
  • Sourdough Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bagels
You will learn different methods of making the bagels, including overnight bagels and one day bagels, bagels made with a mixer and bagels made by hand with dough folding.
We will cover bagel water baths and washes as well as different toppings and methods of toppings.
You will also learn how to make your own sourdough starter, easily with a day by day method. Sourdough baking has never been so much fun!
Join me and bake up a batch of the best bagels! You will never again wonder what to make for breakfast or what food is best to take while traveling...bagels, of course!

by Toni
Another Win!
I've taken most of Teresa's Sourdough classes. Not only are the classes very well taught, the results have been consistently successful and she's extremely responsive to posted questions (a few hours or less). For a new baker these nuances add to my confidence and encourage me to explore new baking territory. I never considered baking bagels until Teresa published her latest video course. I don't think I'll ever purchase bagels again!
This course published Dec 2015

Intended Audience: This course is intended for those who have some understanding of how to bake., Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Make Your Own Starter - The Book
Bagel Info
Ingredients for Bagels
Baking Equipment and Measuring
Water Bagels - The Formula
Sesame Water Bagels - Mix the Dough
Sesame Water Bagels - Bulk Ferment and Fold the Dough
Sesame Water Bagels - Pre - Shape the Bagels
Sesame Water Bagels - Final Shape and Proof Your Bagels
Sesame Water Bagels - Boil and Bake!
Sesame Water Bagels - Finished Bagels - Let's Slice Into One!
Honey Egg Bagels - The Formula
Egg Bagles - Mix the Dough
Egg Bagels - Bulk Ferment & Fold the Dough
Egg Bagels - Pre - Shape the Bagels
Egg Bagels - Final Shaping of the Bagels
Time to Boil and Bake!
The Rest of the Bagels... Let's Boil Up the Rest of the Bagels.
Egg Bagels - Finish Baking all of the Bagles and Slice into One!
Hybrid Onion Poppy Seed Bagels - The Formula
Prepare the Yeast and Onion Flakes.
Onion Poppy Seed Bagels - Mix the Dough
Onion Poppy Seed Bagels - Divide and Pre-shape Your Dough
Pre-Shaping & See Two Methods for Shaping Bagels.
Time for a Boiling Water Bath and Toppings!
Bake the First Four Bagels and Get the Second Batch Going.
The Finished Onion Poppy Seed Bagels
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels - The Formula
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels - Mix the Dough and Refrigerate
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels - Bulk Ferment the Dough
Divide and Pre-shape the Dough
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels - Final Shape the Bagels
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels - Time for a Water Bath!
Whole Wheat Raisin Bagels, Baked and Finished.
Thank you and Goodbye!
Baker's Glossary

What's included

  • 28 Video Lessons
  • 9 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Teresa L Greenway


Teresa loves teaching serious home bakers, how to bake real sourdough bread! She worked at two different bakeries besides baking at home for over 40 years. Thirteen years ago, she built a business (Northwest Sourdough) around teaching others how to bake real sourdough at home. She published a four volume book called, "Discovering Sourdough," "Extreme Fermentation" and also, "Make Your Own Sourdough Starter." Teresa also published her memoir titled: "Reach for Joy," under the pseudonym, TL Reys.

Her Bread Recipes and Formulas from her books and blog have been featured on TV and spread all around the world through online forums, her active Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough, Youtube channel and her site, Northwest Sourdough.

Northwest Sourdough is featured in the resource section of Peter Reinhart's book," Artisan Breads Every Day." Teresa was also one of the photographers for "The Grain Gathering" in it's early years when it was called, "Kneading Conference West." She has been featured in numerous articles, magazines and interviews. She was selected as one of the top ten Udemy instructors in 2015 and now has ten sourdough baking courses on Udemy.

Most of all, Teresa loves to see YOU pull a crispy, crusty, holey sourdough loaf from your own oven! Yes, you can learn to bake the best bread in the world!