Advanced Decorative Bread Scoring

This course is the second in the series and it will help you improve your scoring skills and turn your bread into real art.

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This course is the second of a series and it uses my own thread technique to ensure your patterns are even and beautiful. This course steps away from the radial grid and shows a more intricate kind of scoring. 
Intended Audience: Experienced bakers, begginer bakers, home bakers, artisan bakers

Course Curriculum

About your instructor
Updates on the basics
Before We Proceed
Recap of the 4/8 grid
Square grid. Steps 1-4
Steps 1-4 Video Demonstration
Full grid
Full grid. Video Demonstration
How to practice
Getting started
Starting point. Video demonstration
Basic pattern. Step 2
Step 2 Video Demonstration
Final touch
Final touch video demonstration
Conclusions and Printable
Recap of the previous steps
Double quilt variation
Double quilt video
Conclusions and Printable
Introduction to the pattern
Rose of the winds. First step video
Rose of the winds. Step 2.
Step 2. Video Demonstration
Final touches
Conclusions and Printable
Lace squares. Step 1
Lace squares. Video 1
Lace squares. Step 2
Lace squares. Final video
Conclusions and printable

Anna Gabur